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Promoting public interest and participation in the arts since 1961.

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Past Whale & Jazz Festivals

 Whale and Jazz Festival logo

Winners of Chowder Challenge Events

2014:   2014 Events    -    About W&J    -    Sponsors    -    Staff

2014 Whale & Jazz Main Event

Mads Tolling
Mads Tolling's Jazz Europa

2013:   2013 Events    -    About W&J    -    Sponsors    -    Volunteers    -    Staff

2013 Whale & Jazz Main Event

Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis & Quintet in Concert

2011:   Events  -  Map  -  Tickets  -  About W&J  -  Sponsors  -  Volunteers  -  Staff

2011 Gualala Arts Festival Concert

Spanning the Decades at Gualala Arts Center, April, 2011
"Spanning the Decades"

...from Frank Jackson to Jeff Oster
& from Monk to Vuk to Jekabson

2010:   Events  -   Map  -   Tickets  -   About W&J  -   Sponsors  -   Volunteers  -   Staff

2010 Main Event

Bay Area Composers Jazz Ensembles & Orchestra
Bay Area Composers Jazz Ensembles & Orchestra

2009:   Events  -   Map  -   Tickets  -   Sponsors  -   Volunteers  -   Staff

2009 Main Event

Todd Sickafoose
Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors

"A captivating improviser, imaginative composer,
and master of collaboration."

- San Francisco Chronicle

Todd Sickafoose, acoustic bass
Eric Deutsch, piano
Ara Anderson, trumpet, pump organ & glockenspiel
Ryan Francesconi, guitars, banjo & tambura
Jeff Gauthier, violin
Scott Amendola, drums & percussion

2008:   Events  -   Map  -   Tickets  -   Sponsors  -   Volunteers  -   Staff

2008 Main Event

Elena Pinderhughes Grace Kelly
Jazz prodigies, "a rare moment in time"

featuring 13-year-old flute sensation and vocalist Elena Pinderhughes and 15-year-old alto sax sensation, vocalist and composer, Grace Kelly, with their ensembles.

2007:   Events  -   Tickets  -   Sponsors  -   Volunteers  -   Staff

2007 Main Event

2007 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Montclair Women's Jazz Ensemble
Montclair Women's Jazz Ensemble

Ellen Seeling, trumpet
Jean Fineberg, tenor sax
Mad Duran, alto sax
Lori Stotko, piano
Jan Martinelli, bass
Mohini Rustagi, drums

Rhonda Benin, vocals
Elena Pinderhughes, flute

2006 Festival Schedule

2006 Main Event

Kenny Washington at the 2005 Whale & Jazz Festival 2006 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Michael O'Neill 2006 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Tommy Kesecker
The Michael O'Neill Quintet

Michael O'Neill, reeds
Steve Campos, trumpet & flugelhorn
Michael Bluestein, piano
Peter Barshay, bass
Alan Hall, drums

featuring Kenny Washington, vocals
with special guest Tommy Kesecker, vibes (second set)

2005 Festival Schedule
2005 Festival Artists

2005 Main Event

2005 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: San Francisco Chamber Jazz Quartet
San Francisco Chamber Jazz Quartet

Gini Wilson "The Duchess," piano
Steve Heckman, reeds
Pat Klobas, bass
Ron Marabuto, drums

plus, in the 2nd set:
Tommy Kesecker, vibes
Graham Bruce, trumpet & flugelhorn
Kenny Washington, vocals.

Photos of the Performance:
San Francisco Chamber Jazz Quartet & Sextet, April, 2005

2004 Festival Schedule

2004 Main Event

2004 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Larry Vuckovich Sextet; photo credit: Barbara Pratt
Larry Vuckovich Sextet

Larry Vuckovich, piano
Noel Jewkes, reeds
Alan Smith, trumpet
Tommy Kesecker, vibes
Jeff Chambers, bass
Omar Clay, drums

Photos of the Performance:
Larry Vuckovich Sextet, April, 2004

2003 Main Event

2003 Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Taylor Eigsti Trio; photo credit PT Nunn
Taylor Eigsti Trio

Taylor Eigsti, piano
John Shifflett, bass
Dan Brubeck, drums

The Gualala Arts Center, located at 46501 Old State Highway in Gualala, CA,
is open weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and weekends from noon to 4:00 p.m.
Please call (707) 884-1138 for more information, or email

Serving the coastal communities of northern Sonoma & southern Mendocino Counties.