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Bridget Dolan's Pub logo Ninth Annual
Whale & Jazz Festival

Elk & Jazz

Terry Simcik and Chris Doering

Bridget Dolan's Pub
5910 S. Highway 1, Elk
Sunday, April 10, 2011
4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Whale and Jazz Festival logo

On Northern California's craggy Mendocino Coast, the Griffin House offers a quiet romantic winter escape. The dining establishment is Bridget Dolan's Pub, providing fresh coastal, casual and comfort cuisine. A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the Pub occasionally hosts live entertainment. Regular menu; excellent selection of local microbrews and wines. No cover charge; dining reservations recommended. (707) 877-1820

Jazz Artists

Chris Doering, guitar

Chris Doering A recent migrant to the Mendonoma coast, Chris Doering, dropped his piano studies and picked up the guitar soon after the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. He has been playing and practicing ever since, moving from blues, rock and funk into jazz via lessons with Pat Martino, Dave Friesen and Warne Marsh along with academic studies in music theory. Christian's versatility as a guitarist has allowed him to play also for Romance & Jazz, Brunch & Jazz, Poetry & Jazz. This year Doering will appear at:

Terry Simcik, acoustic guitar

Terry Simcik After growing up, studying, and performing music ranging from jazz, popular show bands and recording work in the Los Angeles area, guitarist Terry Simcik relocated to the Mendocino Coast where he has continued to perform, teach and study music. He can be heard playing in settings from solo guitar, to combos, and larger ensembles at various events throughout the wine country and coastal regions of Northern California. Simcik plays weekly at the Ledford House restaurant in Albion, and has been the guitarist for the Mendocino Music Festival Big Band since its inception.

As part of the Mendocino Coast Jazz Trio, Simcik played for the 2005 daytime Chowder & Jazz event at Gualala Arts Center with Scott Harris and Russell Clark, and has performed in the St. Orres' 2007 Dinner & Jazz and Sea Ranch Lodge's 2008, 2009 and 2010 Sunset & Jazz events with the lovely and talented Susan Sutton. This year Simcik is pleased to be teaming up at Elk & Jazz with Chris Doering.