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Redwood Grill Eighth Annual
Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival

Brunch & Jazz

with guitar duo

Christian Doering & Keith Abrams

Redwood Grill, Anchor Bay
Sunday, April 11, 2010
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival logo

Redwood Grill Redwood Grill in Anchor Bay, rapidly gaining popularity for hosting local events vis-à-vis cuisine and/or live entertainment will again be hosting Brunch & Jazz. Your hosts, Jane and Sandy remain devoted to making your experience at 'the Grill' the best possible. Their Brunch menu is extensive and delicious, and will be available at regular prices, which include the jazz entertainment. Seating in this cozy and delightful restaurant is limited and advance reservations are encouraged. MC/VI (707) 884-1639

Redwood Grill has been participating in the Whale & Jazz Festival for the last two years, first in 2008 with pianist Tammy Hall, and last year with pianist Greg Hester. This year your menu selections will be enhanced by ballads, bop, blues and bossa nova performed by accomplished local guitar duo, Keith Abrams and Christian Doering.

Jazz Artists

Christian Doering, guitar

A recent migrant to the Mendonoma coast, Christian Doering, dropped his piano studies and picked up the guitar soon after The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. He has been playing and practicing ever since, moving from blues, rock and funk into jazz via lessons with Pat Martino, Dave Friesen and Warne Marsh along with academic studies in music theory. Christian's versatility as a guitarist allows him to play also for BBQ, Brews & Jazz. Romance & Jazz and Poetry & Jazz.

Keith Abrams, guitar

Class clown Keith Abrams has been an instigator since junior high school days. Told by his principal that he had much unrealized potential, and having the music of Monk, Miles, Brubeck, Django, etc. indelibly imprinted on his young mind, he has been working to fulfill that potential ever since. Providing relentless pulse and breathing precious life and vitality into the classic musical themes of our time, Abrams lives by the premise that whatever musical phenomenon comes his way must have been sent to him by the "highest power" for him to apply tender loving care. Keith, (who loves you madly even if you are a jerk), gives thanks every day for Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, James Brown, Bob Marley and all the rest. Abrams will also be heard during the Whale & Jazz Festival with Christian Doering at BBQ, Brews & Jazz at Bones Roadhouse in Gualala and Poetry & Jazz at Think Visual Gallery in Point Arena.