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Archive of past events: 2004 through 2014

Bones Roadhouse Eighth Annual
Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival

BBQ, Brews & Jazz

Mendocino Rhythm and Swing Club

Bones Roadhouse, Gualala
Thursday, April 15, 2010
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival logo

Bones Roadhouse, established in May 2004, quickly became a coastal Mecca for great barbecue, stunning views and live music. The original Roadhouse started "up the hill" in Gualala, offering the finest in authentic Texas-style, wood-fired barbecue, microbrews and live blues on weekends. In its next incarnation, Bones Roadhouse took up residence "across the the edge of town" overlooking the beautiful Gualala River, Gualala Point Park and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Beginning with informal blues jams, Bones was a premier spot for live blues, jazz and rock performers, with a dedicated stage, sound equipment, lighting, karaoke machine, as well as the house Bones' All Stars blues band.

For the 2009 Whale & Jazz Festival, Bones Roadhouse participated in the 2009 "Chowder Challenge" as part of the Chowder & Jazz event, and hosted the first BBQ, Brews & Jazz with the Mendocino Rhythm & Swing Club. A tragic fire the day before the Labor Day Holiday weekend destroyed the structure and all the marvelous and eclectic memorabilia that decorated the interior. A new Bones Roadhouse will rise again mid-March, about half way up Highway 1 at the start of "uptown Gualala." Owner "Bone Daddy" Thomas is again hosting BBQ, Brews & Jazz, with the Mendocino Rhythm & Swing Club back by popular demand. For reservations or more information about Bones Roadhouse or its events, call 707-884-1188.

Jazz Artists

Mendocino Rhythm & Swing Club

Paul Mueller - tenor sax
Harrison Goldberg - soprano & alto sax
Keith Abrams - acoustic bass guitar
Christian Doering - guitar
James Hayes - drums
Andrew 'Pinecone' Pursell - percussion

Paul Mueller and Keith Abrams have been combining musical forces for a decade, aligning themselves with the schools of James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk et al, as well as certain Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean masters. Last year the two collaborated for Java & Jazz at the Blue Canoe in Anchor Bay and were part of the Mendocino Rhythm & Swing Club at the first BBQ, Brews & Jazz.

A recent migrant to the Mendonoma coast, Christian Doering, dropped his piano studies and picked up the guitar soon after The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. He has been playing and practicing ever since, moving from blues, rock and funk into jazz via lessons with Pat Martino, Dave Friesen and Warne Marsh along with academic studies in music theory. Christian's versatility as a guitarist allows him to play also for Romance & Jazz, Brunch & Jazz and Poetry & Jazz in Point Arena.

Harrison Goldberg has performed on tenor, alto and soprano saxophone with a variety of groups, including Tabula Rasa, Legend, Neon Egypt and Cloudfire. Harrison has literally spent a lifetime in music from East to West Coast. He has participated in the Whale & Jazz Festival since 2003 at Chowder & Jazz at Top of the Cliff with The Top of the Cliff Jazz Trio and for the first two Poetry & Jazz events in 2005 and 2006. For this year's festival he will also be playing with Cloudfire for Youth & Jazz and Wine & Jazz, and with Northern Element: Mendocino Poets & Players for Poetry & Jazz.

Class clown Keith Abrams has been an instigator since junior high school days. Told by his principal that he had much unrealized potential, and having the music of Monk, Miles, Brubeck, Django, etc. indelibly imprinted on his young mind, he has been working to fulfill that potential ever since. Providing relentless pulse and breathing precious life and vitality into the classic musical themes of our time, Abrams lives by the premise that whatever musical phenomenon comes his way must have been sent to him by the "highest power" for him to apply tender loving care. Keith, (who loves you madly even if you are a jerk), gives thanks every day for Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, James Brown, Bob Marley and all the rest. Abrams will also be heard during the Whale & Jazz Festival with Christian Doering at Brunch & Jazz at Redwood Grill in Anchor Bay and Poetry & Jazz in Point Arena.

James Hayes is a coastal musician and homesteading farmer with a passion for making his own beer and wine. He plays drums and bass loves to take on fun and funky rock projects.

Andrew 'Pinecone' Pursell is a local educator, composer, producer and keyboardist as well as knowing his way around percussions. He also plays keyboards for dysphunctional species.