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Timber Cove Inn logo Eighth Annual
Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival

Vistas & Jazz

Sang Matiz

Sequoia Lounge, Timber Cove Inn
Friday, April 9, 2010
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

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Timber Cove Inn Fifteen miles north of Jenner, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean, is the charming Northern California coastal retreat, Timber Cove Inn.

The Inn perches on a cliff that juts into the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the wild coast and its intersecting ecosystems.

Timber Cove Inn The breathtaking vistas of redwood coast and ocean dominate the property, which offers spacious accommodations with fireplaces and spa tubs, fine dining at Alexander's restaurant and a wealth of amenities; a secluded getaway built for ultimate relaxation.

There is no admission fee and no cover charge, however special menu and à la carte selections are available from Alexander's Restaurant. Reservations for lodging & dining recommended. (707-847-3231)

Jazz Artists: Sang Matiz

Sang Matiz Sang Matiz is a band from the San Francisco Bay Area that honors the gorgeous sounds of Flamenco and Latin America. The band has fused many elements of the traditional Rumba Flamenca along with South American rhythms, Bossa Nova, Reggae and Jazz to present a fresh new sound.

The name Sang Matiz is the combination of two words: Sang, meaning blood in French and Matiz, meaning "harmonious mixture" in Spanish, together meaning "blood mix" representing the different bloodlines of its musicians as well as their experiences in life and, most importantly, music. Above all Sang Matiz is a cultural expression, an exciting new sound full of passion, energy, love and wild creativity.

"We love making people dance and have a great time with our music, to bring different bloodlines and experiences together and forget about the little things that separate us. We are not so different; in fact we are very much the same. Peace and Love for all. VIVA LA MUSICA!" ~ Eddie Cabezas

Yuriza Jared, rhythm guitar and vocals

Sang Matiz Yuri is of Peruvian and German descent, and is very talented and natural born composer, singer and rhythm guitar player with extensive experience in Andean and Latin American music.

Eddie Cabezas, lead guitar

Born in Peru as well, Eddie has a background in Rock, Pop, Blues, Classical guitar and his latest styles of Flamenco and Latin guitar.

Tony Gutierrez, congas, bongo and percussion

Tony is a Puerto Rican raised in New York who adds that special Latin "Sabor" to Sang Matiz.

More about Sang Matiz.