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  Seventh Annual
Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival

Romance & Jazz

with Original Parisian chansons by

½ Pint Dgiin
Mimi & Gabriel Pirard and Ricky Aquino

Whale Watch Inn
Saturday, April 11, 2009

5:00 p.m.

Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival logo

Whale Watch Room During the late afternoon on the Whale & Jazz Festival's second Saturday, enhance your romantic coastal getaway in our delightful Whale Watch Room.

Moonlight over Anchor Bay Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Anchor Bay and the Mendonoma coastline with a wine tasting followed by an international buffet and live jazz entertainment. The international buffet includes Chinese spring rolls, Japanese sushi, Hispanic tamales, American ribs and chicken with salads and more.

The live Jazz is from ½ Pint Dgiin, an outstanding guitar and vocal duo, Mimi & Gabriel Pirard, with Ricky Aquino on percussion, from the group Dgiin. ½ Pint Dginn is the name used when half of the group Dgiin performs original Parisian "chansons" with a jazz flavor, and classic Edith Piaf.

'Gin,' as most of us know it, is a strong, clear alcohol flavored with juniper berries. Spelled 'djinn' and the word means a mischievous spirit often confined to a bottle due to naughty behavior. Spell it 'Dgiin' and you have a band with unique style that brings together various cultures and influences and an intoxicating beat, with songs sung mainly in French.

The per person cost is $40 and includes wine, international buffet and jazz. Seating is limited, so please call Whale Watch Inn 800-WHALE.4.2 (800-942-5342) for event and/or lodging reservations.

Jazz Artists

Mimi & Gabriel Pirard

Gabriel Pirard: vocals and guitar

Mimi & Gabriel Pirard Gabe was raised in France, where he first began learning the classical guitar at age 9. He continued playing on the electric in multiple bands to finally return to the acoustic. He was influenced by many styles of music as he traveled much of the world before settling in France. He moved to California in 1998 and when, a year later, his sister Mimi joined him from France, they started Dgiin.

Mimi Pirard: vocals

Gabe's sister Mimi has been singing since age 13 in a musical association and is now concurrently singing with "Hand Me Down," a local vocal trio.

Ricky Aquino: percussions and drums

Ricky, born in El Salvador, grew up in a musical household and was part of multiple touring Latin jazz bands as a teenager. He then played drums in salsa and Latin rock bands and finally stepped into Dgiin adding driving percussions.